Why quality Christian TV matters in Pakistan

By June 1, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, but Christian TV does exist here. Andrew Hart, CEO of PAK-7, says they want to engage people of all backgrounds in conversation about Christ.

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Conversation hinges on program quality. “Because we are committed to getting programs shown on national television, so that people of all faiths can see them, we need to compete with the best programs on TV,” Hart explains.

For example, Video Star looks and feels like a popular game show, but with a Christian perspective.

(Graphic courtesy of PAK-7)

“We show 20 young people competing for a place on a media summer school. I guess it’s a little bit like The Apprentice, but without Donald Trump,” Hart says.

“We hope to show this program in Pakistan on national TV and use it to change attitudes to Christians and the Gospel.”

Years in senior leadership at SAT-7 International, a Christian satellite TV ministry serving the Middle East and North Africa, prepared Hart for his work in Pakistan. “Like SAT-7, at PAK-7 we make programs that people are going to enjoy watching,” Hart says.

“They’re not going to feel attacked in any way for their own beliefs, but they’re going to have an opportunity to learn about what Christians believe and to see Christians bringing their own witness.”



Header image courtesy taken from Video Star, courtesy of PAK-7.

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