Why World Missionary Press couldn’t ship literature to Russia—until now

By December 23, 2021
Russia, Moscow

Russia (MNN) — Sometimes it’s hard enough reaching out to one person to share Jesus. But what if your goal was to reach 10 people this year with the Gospel? Or 100?

What about sharing the Gospel with 25 million people?

That’s exactly what a group of pastors in Russia is trying to do. They’re on a bold mission called “25 in 24” — to reach 25 million people across Central Russia in 24 months with the eternal hope of Christ.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Central Russia is actually the nation’s westernmost district and includes the capital, Moscow. The word “central” refers more to the district’s historical and political influence in the country. Which makes it a great area for Gospel outreach.

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press says, “To do that, they need a lot of literature. So they looked around at what they are currently using…and they’ve asked World Missionary Press to provide a great amount of [literature].

“The first one they chose was the Bible Study on John. So we’ve been working on getting it. It’s got a unique cover for distribution in Russia and it’s a little smaller. It’s been edited a bit so that it’s easier for them to use.”

This project is significant for WMP. The ministry hasn’t been able to send biblical material into Russia for several years. Closed doors and red tape made shipping Gospel literature there incredibly difficult.

But since they linked arms with this group of local Russian pastors, God has opened doors. The pastors took care of completing government papers and getting necessary approvals to import WMP literature. Now, the first shipment has already been approved!

There are roughly 39 million people in Central Russia. If this group of pastors completes their goal, over half of the people in this district will be exposed to God’s redemptive message of salvation.

Williams says she recently received an email from their contact in the pastors group. “He said that the ministry is growing so fast, ‘doors for preaching the Gospel are more open than ever in our country.’ I don’t know how long it will last. So right now, they’re giving out about a million booklets a month. And we need the resources to get more and more. He says, ‘Print as many of them as you can.’

(Image courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“They have about 350 churches involved throughout Central Russia that are going to be involved in this. So we are working diligently to get material into their hands.”

All of WMP’s biblical literature resources are free. Williams says, “It’s all Scripture, it’s reliable, and that frees up limited funds for them to help with this campaign — the setting up of distribution and gas money and whatever is needed to just get the work going.”

You can support this shipment of Gospel literature to Russia! Click here to give to WMP and select the “Scriptures for Russia” fund.

One shipment of a 40-foot container costs around $80,000. A $250 donation will provide 2,736 copies of WMP’s abridged Russian Bible Study on John to Central Russia.

Pray for the pastors and churches awaiting this literature shipment to be spiritually encouraged as they spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Ask God to soften the hearts and open the eyes of millions across Central Russia to the Gospel!

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Header photo courtesy of Michael Parulava via Unsplash.

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