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By August 22, 2018
Six Sweet Ways ebook

Int’l (MNN) – Why does the Bible matter? How does it impact or apply to our lives? Those are just a few of the questions Wycliffe Bible Translators USA hopes people will consider with this year’s #WhyBible campaign.

Low Engagement Signals Low Priority

Three years ago Barna Research’s State of the Bible findings sparked a passion at Wycliffe to increase discussions about the Bible in the United States. The numbers of people who owned a Bible or engaged regularly one were shockingly low. Even among those claiming to be Christians, research showed that regular engagement with the Bible was a low priority.

New Scripture Translation

New Scripture Translation (Courtesy of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA)

Matt Petersen, Director of Marketing at Wycliffe shares, “And of course as a Bible translation organization that was a concern, because first of all, we value the Bible and want other people to engage with it because it transforms lives. But also, it’s difficult for us to get people in the US interested in helping other people get the Bible if they’re not seeing it as valuable in their own lives.”

Opening Dialogue with #WhyBible

The #WhyBible campaign was a way to start the discussion with Christians to talk about how they value the Bible practically.

This year Petersen is hoping that the campaign really sparks engagement between Christian individuals and organizations. The campaign needs to be more than a catchy slogan. The Bible offers Jesus’ Words of Life and discussing it is more than a side issue.

Petersen says the campaign is designed to do more than just catch attention. “But to really get people to think about how much do I value the Bible and if I say that I value it, what does that mean practically? Am I actually engaging with it in a regular and deep way that is actually going to change my life or am I just saying that I value it?”

Six Sweet Ways to Study Scripture

To help Christians struggling to find Bible engagement resources, Wycliffe is offering an e-book with six ways to study Scripture. It delves into different methods for Bible study that help readers view the Bible as more than the vegetables they’d rather not eat. Instead this collection of resources is designed to help people see Scripture like a decadent dessert that is just waiting for them to dig in.

“I think it’s important though not just to have the Scripture, but to use it. And that’s the experience that we have here in the US. Where most of us, even if English is not our first language, most people in the US have the Bible in the language they understand best.

“But there’s more to being transformed by Scripture than just having Scripture. You actually have to engage with it. You have to really take it seriously and dig into it in order for God to use it to transform you. And oftentimes we just have the Bible there as a symbolic thing, but we aren’t really letting it change us. And that’s what we want to see happen.”

Petersen hopes that this campaign will spark discussion and reignite the passion in some to study God’s Word. And that this in turn will cause Christians to become passionate about Bible translation around the world.

Jump in and Savor Scripture

Petersen challenges Christians to take a look at their Bible study habits. Is the Bible playing the role it should in your life?

On September 30th Wycliffe will be celebrating Bible Translation Day. Christians around the US and the world have the opportunity to join in the celebration through praying for translation projects, partnering with organizations like Wycliffe to support translation financially, and raising awareness through posting on social media with the hashtag #WhyBible.

This year join the conversation. Also make sure to get your copy of the Six Sweet Ways to Study Scripture e-book today. Take a deeper look at Scripture and learn more about #WhyBible at Wycliffe.org/WhyBible today.

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