Widespread flooding increases burn risk in Haiti

By June 13, 2023

Haiti (MNN) — Heavy rains over the weekend triggered yet another round of flooding and landslides across Haiti, killing at least 15 people.

The latest deluge compounds the misery left by nationwide flooding earlier this month. Flash floods and landslides washed away more than 32,000 homes, affecting at least 37,000 people.

“The flooding is very bad. People have lost their belongings and had to move to higher grounds,” For Haiti With Love’s Roseline DeHart says.

She adds that intense rainfall and widespread flooding are “very unusual” at this time of year.

For Haiti With Love operates a burn clinic in northern Haiti. More about that here. Unusual weather and its consequences increase injuries, sending more people to the clinic.

“The burns are more [frequent] when it rains because people are cooking anywhere that they find dry [locations] outside,” DeHart explains.

“They have a lot of accidents, especially with kids running around.”

Believers like DeHart share the hope of Christ as they treat burns or deliver food aid on home visits. “We always tell them Jesus loves them and how they need to come to Him, and He will always help them,” DeHart says.

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

Ask the Lord to help believers endure as physical needs increase and more people visit the clinic.

“With the flooding, cholera will be worse, and malaria from the mosquitoes will get worse. There’s a lot of water sitting on the ground,” DeHart says.

Send financial support to For Haiti With Love here.

“Pray that we can continue to help the people in Haiti because it’s getting harder and harder to get contribution[s,]” DeHart requests.

“We want to continue to do it (this work) until God calls us home.”




Header image is a representative photo depicting 2016 flooding in northern Haiti. (Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)