Wife of ministry founder now with the Lord

By January 30, 2007

USA (MNN) — Bible Pathway Ministries is celebrating and mourning today. The wife of the ministry’s founder, Doctor John Hash, Letha passed away suddenly Friday, January 26 at the age of 82 and is now with the Lord she served for so long.

According to Bible Pathway, Hash had just sat down to eat when she suffered a heart attack.

For over 63 years she shared in ministry with her husband. Together they sold everything they had to start Bible Pathway Ministries 34 years ago.  They often ate stale bread and moldy cheese ends in order to minister and in the early years she would spend all night typing mailing labels to over 15,000 people before they were able to get a computer.

Hash leaves three children and many grandchildren. In the meantime, pray for Doctor Hash who’s also struggling with health issues of his own.

In lieu of flowers, Bible Pathway is encouraging people to send donations to help put Bibles into the hands of people who need them.  $5 is all it takes.  We’re encouraging you to honor Mrs. Hash by giving generously. They’re hoping to collect enough money to send 82 Bibles overseas, one for each year Letha was alive. If you’d like to contribute in Letha Hash’s honor, click here.

Bible Pathway is a daily devotional commentary which is an easy-to-follow plan of systematically reading 15 minutes a day through the entire Bible in just one year. It’s a great tool to help a new believer grow in their faith.

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