Wife of persecuted believer sends letter to China Aid

By March 18, 2009

China (MNN) — Guli Nuer hasn't been able to see her husband, Alimujiang Yimiti, in over a year. She recently sent a letter to China Aid regarding her husband's status.

The Uyghur believer has been held in detention since January 2008 for preaching Christianity. Since Yimiti's imprisonment, his wife has been caring for their two young sons and negotiating with government officials; she hopes that his attorney "can come and deal with and communicate with the court and other work units."

In January 2008, Yimiti was placed under criminal detention on false charges. He was later arrested and held in prison until his case went to trial on May 27, 2008.

Yimiti has been accused of "preaching the Gospel to Uyghurs, distributing Christian literature, and leading people to follow Christ." Nuer's letter said that although the court opened the case that day, there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against her husband. His case was returned to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and has been passed between law enforcement agencies since then. Yimiti's family was turned away again and again without a reply regarding his case.

"Since there was still no news as of December," Nuer says in her letter, "we began to try to find people in Kashi National People's Congress and Committee of Political Science and Law, asking them to fight for justice for us."

"Yet, they would not let us see the people in charge or the leaders," she continues, "and they tried to refer us to the court. Unable to see the leaders, we had only to submit our application and other related materials to the Office of Letters and Calls."

Yimiti was recently sent to a Communist Party committee at the region's highest government level, and this committee will make the final decision on his case. Nuer says it's hard to describe the family's feelings in words.

"In these 14 months, especially since May 27, 2008, there has been no news about him at all, or communication with him either."

Pray for Yimiti to remain strong physically and spiritually. Ask God to bring resolution to his case and provide for his release. 


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