Wildlife STORYTELLER stuffed animal offers comfort

By March 31, 2015
Photo Courtesy to Audio Scripture Ministries

(Photo Courtesy to Audio Scripture Ministries)

USA (MNN) — Audio Scripture ministries is trying to raise funds for 200 Wildlife STORYTELLERS: stuffed animals with small audio players loaded with Scripture, Bible stories, and songs. There is an enormous need for these cuddly reminders in a land where little kids need to be reminded of a faithful God who loves them in spite of the traumas and hardships they face at a young age.

These Wildlife STORYTELLERS have been sent to a ministry in Puerto Rico. ASM hopes the stuffed animals will offer comfort to the children as they listen to stories from the Bible. The ministry is thinking about the children listening, as well as their parents.

ASM staff shares this real-life story about a little girl who lost her mom due to illness. This little girl was sporadically attending the Sunday school program and their girls club on Wednesday nights at Community Christian Reformed Church in Indiana. Her mother was the one who usually brought her to these activities, but as her health began to fail, she could not bring the young girl as often.

The little girl’s father had never come to church. But when his wife passed away, he called the church to let them know of her death. He also gave them permission to hold a memorial service for the family.

The girl’s friends from church made cards for her and decided the perfect gift for her right now was the elephant Storyteller. Her classmates knew that she was suffering and needed to cuddle this soft stuffed animal and hold it close to hear God speaking to her.

After the memorial service, three classmates, her teacher, and Arla Gabrielse, Faithwalkers Director, gave her a box with the cards, a book, and the elephant. Her face lit up and she said the elephant had a Bible thing in its tummy. As her dad watched, his eyes filled with tears.

Our prayer for this little girl is that her dad will continue to let her go to Sunday school, and that maybe through her faith, he may be saved as well.

Click here to learn more about Wildlife STORYTELLERS.

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