Will Iraq’s elections be a success for Christians?

By January 26, 2005

Iraq (MNN)–Iraq is just four days away from a groundbreaking election. With suicide bombers hitting targets all over the country, and militants vowing to disrupt the process in any way they can, people are fearful to take part in the process.

The interim government has announced curfews, border closures and a ban on civilian traffic in an effort to ensure the voting goes ahead as planned. Open Doors’ Carl Moeller says the violence against believers in Iraq is a blatant attempt at intimidating them into silence. “If you can strike fear in the hearts of the Christians, then you can have them step back from exercising their faith, out of fear. If you prevent them, through that fear, from going to the polling places, then they’re going to have less and less of a voice in the political process in the formation of a new government.”

Job number One: drafting a new Constitution. It stands to reason that if Christians stay away from the polls, they can’t vote a Christian into the Assembly. Without a political voice, the harsh treatment of believers could get much worse.

Ministries like Open Doors are watching the proceedings, with concerns about the viability of a Sharia law state, should the election go against believers.

Moeller says the future ability for evangelistic work is at stake. “There is a hopelessness there that can only be met and only be satisfied through the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that Christians in the West, all of us who are able to pray, should be engaged in a constant battle for the lives, the souls and the nation of Iraq.”

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