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By July 11, 2016

United States (MNN) — We are taking a major departure from the traditional ‘news’ coverage on what’s been happening with the riots in St. Paul and Dallas. Right now, we feel it is more important to equip people and unify together as the Body of Christ.

In light of the sniper shootings of law enforcement in Dallas…hearts are broken as turmoil seethes around America. Dallas’ religious leaders gathered in a public show of unity and prayer on Friday afternoon at the mayor’s office. But the reality is believers are unsure of how to be part of the solution.

We asked Tom Doyle, of E3 Partners, a global ministry leader and a member of the Dallas community to lead us in prayer.

e3 Partners

e3 Partners, image via Facebook.

“Father, we just come to you as your children and we ask, Father, for you to calm the situation in our nation. It’s almost if we see you lifting your hand off our nation as so many things have broken loose and with this latest situation with the officers killed in Dallas. Father we pray for their families. Would you just put your arms around them? Would you just comfort their wives and their children? And we grieve for them and lift them up in prayer.

“We pray for the city of Dallas. We also pray for our nation which seems to be more divided than ever right now. And here we go into these political conventions that possibly would divide more and probably will. We as your children just come before you. And we think of Daniel as he prayed before you. You are the Lord, the great and awesome God who keeps His covenant of love with those who love Him and keep His commandments.

“And Lord, we know in America there’s deep sin here. We think of what’s happened with abortion as we approach 60 million babies [of whom] their lives have been taken. So much evil just rampant in our country, and we pray for a turning back. We just ask that your hand would just stay the evil — much like you did the Assyrians as they were ready to attack Jerusalem. Hezekiah went to the temple steps and just laid the prayer out, just asking for you to intervene.

“So we ask you, Lord, to intervene in our country right now. Pull us together as your children. As the Body of Christ, may we stand as one and seek you; get on our faces, get on our knees and ask you to move and turn back all that is happening in our country. The enemy is having a heyday and he comes to kill, rob, and destroy, and we ask Lord that you would just stop it. And we pray for a harvest in our country. We pray that the evil Satan has meant to just harm our country would be turned around and you would use it as people are desperate and we pray that this would result in them turning to you Lord Jesus. We pray for America, we pray for Dallas. Would you do a miracle, Lord? We’re your children and we’re on our face before you. And we pray this all in Jesus name. Amen.”

As Doyle led us for the Dallas community, Minnesotans are shocked and struggling with strong emotions. As with many difficult situations, believers have the tools to be part of the solution. Bill Maier is the morning drive time host of Faith Radio in Minnesota, and he shares this prayer:

Faith Radio, via Facebook

Faith Radio, via Facebook.

“Father our hearts break at what’s happened over the last few days with the deaths of Philando Castile here in Minnesota, Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and the senseless revenge murders of those five police officers in Dallas. Lord, we pray for all of their family members and the colleagues of the Dallas policemen.

“Lord we also pray for racial reconciliation in this country. We confess that we have a sin problem. We tend to focus on ourselves and our own agenda, and we often fail to have empathy for those who are different from us. And Lord, I pray specifically for the pastors in St. Paul and Baton Rouge and Dallas. I ask that you would help white pastors and black pastors to be strong and courageous, to deepen their relationships with each other and to speak the Truth in love to their congregations and their communities. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Mission Network News and One Way Ministries merged recently to support each other’s vision and mission. As the United States fights for stability, we are moved to prayer. The Prayercast ministry exists to help us pray together with intentionality and focus in times like these. We are led by Chris Ruge:

OneWay Ministries, via Facebook.

OneWay Ministries, via Facebook.

“Almighty God, we come before you and we’re pleading for your mercy. God, we see what happens in Dallas, and in Louisiana, and in Minnesota. God, we are surrounded by anger, and by rage and by hatred. Would you bring peace? You are the only way, God, and there is no peace outside of You. God, bring conviction, bring repentance and bring healing. Let your name be praised again in this land, for your glory and for the sake of our nation. We ask, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, the only name by which we may be saved, Amen.”

Thank you for your prayers.


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