Will the U.S. see another 9/11 attack?

By September 8, 2015
911 montage
(Photo posted by now-deleted account @Activistm10)

(Photo posted on July 28 by now-deleted account @Activistm10)

USA (MNN) — They threatened another 9/11 attack back in April. Now, as the 14th anniversary draws near, they’re threatening again.

Recent chatter from ISIS terrorists on Twitter is alarming, The Jerusalem Post reports.

“A Twitter account associated with the Islamic State sent out tweets on Monday hinting at a potential attack to be carried out inside the U.S. on the upcoming 14-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks,” the September 1 article reads.

But, are the threats valid?

“We’ve kind of been holding our collective breath, with the rise of ISIS and some of these hard-line terrorist groups, [fearing] that something might be coming,” observes Middle East expert and Vice President of E3 Partners, Tom Doyle.

While the threats could be legitimate, “some of that can be bluff and bravado from ISIS, to try and put people into fear and panic mode,” he reasons.

Other factors like the Iran nuclear deal and U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, have former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and former British Commander Colonel Richard Kemp concerned.

911 montage


“I think there is another possibility of 9/11,” Cheney told MSNBC last week. “I think next time, it may involve something far deadlier than airline tickets and box cutters.”

Col. Kemp recently shared similar thoughts on UK programming.

“I think the danger with that (if the West ‘writes off’ Afghanistan) is we do again see another 9/11,” Col. Kemp said.

“The problem is: the situation is getting worse, not better.”

“I think, as a country, we need to be careful during this time,” adds Doyle.

“Especially when you have high-level people like Dick Cheney talking about it, and top-level leaders from Great Britain. That’s time to sit up and take notice.”

The bigger picture

Whether another 9/11 attack is coming or not, one thing is certain: “Muslim(s) are emigrating,” says Doyle.

“If churches and believers would capture God’s heart for Muslims and see them through His eyes, then they’ll be willing to love them and reach out to them.”

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(Photo courtesy 8thirty8)

(Photo courtesy 8thirty8)

“We know that we have the answer, and it’s the Gospel: it’s Jesus Christ. That’s what changes Muslim hearts.”

Women especially have an opportunity to reach Muslim refugees for Christ, Doyle shares, through E3’s “Not Forgotten” project.

“They [Muslims] might just be waiting for an opportunity to come to know Jesus as Savior,” Doyle states.

“They’re out there, and we as a Church need to get serious about this and go after them.”

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