Will there be peace in Thailand?

By May 24, 2010

(MNN) — After six weeks of deadlock between the government and the red shirt
protestors, Pioneers missionaries in Thailand are thankful for the Lord's
protection but grieved over the tragedy of violence between Thais. The casualty count now stands at 40 dead and
over 360 people injured in the burning, shooting, and bombing that occurred in
the center of the city of Bangkok. 

of the protest's leaders recently surrendered to the government, but the red
shirts refused to follow their example. They responded with more violence, setting fire to important buildings
in the city. 

Reports now say the red shirts have clearly lost the battle, since they failed to
completely destabilize the government and form a snap election. However, the violence may not be over.  

workers live far from the center of the city. Nevertheless, they have had some close calls. One missionary has a student who had to
evacuate a bus after a bomb went off a short distance away. 

"It just reminds us of how the
Lord's heart aches for all the Thais here," the missionary reported. "We ache and we mourn with the lives that
have been taken. Yet, with all this increasing mayhem, we are not shaken and
continue to cry out to the Lord who loves and has loved the Thais all along.
Please pray with us.

"He is good…All the time…All
glory to Jesus."

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