Will you spend 15 days praying for those enslaved in SE Asia?

By February 27, 2013

SE Asia (MNN) — Millions of women and girls are enslaved in SE Asia's commercial sex trade.

In some areas, girls as young as five are sold into the trade by their families. An estimated 250,000 Nepalese women and girls have been sold into sex slavery to work in the brothels of India. The city of Mumbai alone has over 2 million young girls trapped in the commercial sex trade.

Around the world, around 27 million people are caught in the chains of forced labor and sex. Human trafficking is the world's second-most lucrative criminal industry, averaging a profit of $32 billion each year. In 2007, traffickers made more money than Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined.

Individual efforts seem powerless in light of such staggering global statistics. What CAN you do about it?


Vision Beyond Borders (VBB) has a 15-day prayer guide to help you pray specifically and with power. It's completely free, and you can click here to download the guide. We'll also be tweeting a prayer daily on Twitter; just follow @MNNTeam.

Vision for Women is an outreach of VBB, working alongside believers in SE Asia who are reaching out to women and girls abandoned by their families. These believers bring the hope of Jesus to trafficking victims and minister to their needs. VBB also sponsors a safehouse in Nepal for women and girls who have been rescued from the sex trade.

Pray that as many join to intercede for the enslaved, God would set the captives free. Share this story with your small group to raise more awareness concerning the issue.

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