Windows of opportunity closing; Global Advance responds

By August 5, 2016

International (MNN) — In Ephesians 5:15, Paul reminds us to make the most of every opportunity in the days of evil, but Ken Janke of Global Advance says we are starting to lose some of those opportunities.

“Right now in our world there are windows that are open, and there are windows that are closing, and we must work hard while the windows of opportunity are still there.”

Photo Courtesy Global Advance

(Photo courtesy of Global Advance)

The barriers pushing against the spread of the Gospel include new laws in Russia that ban missionary involvement; terror and violence resulting from an attempted military coup in Turkey; and escalating war in South Sudan.

But Janke insists that we never give up on missions.

“While there are difficult things happening in our world today, the good news is we’re closer than ever for every people group hearing the Gospel and having a church in its midst, and that’s why I think I’m so passionate of wanting to get this message out there, [because] we’re within reach of finishing the task.”

And it’s not just all talk, either. Global Advance is pursuing unique strategies to continue to reach people with the hope of Christ.

“We’ve been able to work with Lebanese pastors who are crossing over into the border, bringing aid and support, and delivering important tools they need to do the work of caring for their people,” says Janke.

“By working strategically this way, we can invest in these frontline leaders, and these frontline leaders can get the job done.”


(Photo courtesy of Global Advance)

In working with indigenous pastors and leaders, Janke says we can continue the advance of the Good News even behind foreboding borders: “We know that once these windows close, [the pastors and leaders] will remain, they’ll be there, and they will continue to work, and we must support them from this side of the window.”

But that doesn’t mean our work is done; far from it. You can donate to the cause of your choice at the Global Advance website, as well as discover other ways to get involved.

Yet Janke says what workers in the field are really desperate for is prayer.

“I was speaking just a day ago to our contacts who we’re working with and planting churches across Siberia, and the pastor there was just really discouraged in his heart about this new law and what’s happening there in Russia. He just said, ‘Please, please please, please, don’t forget us. Pray for us, please tell people to pray. Prayer matters, prayer is effective, the prayers of the righteous are effective.”

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