Winner announced, mobilization efforts gear up

By October 11, 2010

USA/India (MNN) — In India, the official "hunger tally" is at least 238 million. However, many authorities suggest those numbers are grossly under estimatetd, say it's more like 450million, or 37 percent of the population. Much of the hunger issues are caused by utter poverty and the inability to pay for food, according to one researcher.

Global Action understands poverty and issues facing the poor in India. With a cold weather approaching, they're doing something about an issue that will cause even more devastation in their community — the need for blankets.

Last week, Global Action and Mission Network News gave away a free Touch the World Trip to India. The winner? "The winner is Linda, from Indiana," says the President of Global Action Lars Dunberg.

While India is considered a country with extreme heat, it can also be cold. This trip will focus on blankets. "In the months of December, January, and February, it gets below freezing. You're right up on the borders of the Himalayas, and it gets extremely cold. We're doing this distribution not just in India, but also in Napel this year," says Dunberg.

He adds, "When it gets below freezing, the little kids basically have the same clothing they have when it's 115 degrees hot: a pair of underwear. Many of them can not handle the cold. They get violently sick, and some of them die. So we're trying to give them these blankets that will keep the cold out and the heat in."

Dunberg says they need support to help fund the blanket program. "For as little as a Starbuck's coffee or Big Mac, you can provide a blanket. $5 is all it takes to help. "

Linda will be heading to India to be a part of the blanket distribution team. However, Dunberg says they need more people to go during (USA) Thanksgiving and Christmas. "We need 40 more people to go. Go and share. It's much better than getting gifts that no one wants. Use that money. Ask people for funds to help you go. Just go and serve Him."

While distributing blankets is their major thrust, Dunberg says sharing the Gospel is equally as important. "We're going into villages that have never seen a westerner, never heard the Gospel. Before we hand out the blankets, we have a little service: we explain we are there because we love them, and there's a natural platform to just present the basics of the Gospel."

After the team leaves, Global Action partner churches follow up with those who receive the blankets.

If you're interested in joining Global Action, click here for details.

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