With a 95 percent unemployment rate, Zimbabwe needs hope; ‘JESUS’ provides it

By October 1, 2010

Zimbabwe (MNN) — The estimated unemployment rate in Zimbabwe was 95 percent in 2009, placing Zimbabwe as the country with the lowest employment rate in the world.

In a place where unemployment is so high, vocational options are few. The only way to survive is often through illegal activity such as crime and prostitution. That's why Harare Epworth, Zimbabwe has become known for criminal activity.

The negative stigma attached to the area has caused it to be shunned by many. Yet the hopelessness that runs rampant in the city make it the perfect place for ministry.

The JESUS Film Project saw this need and responded. For two nights, the "JESUS" film team was able to share the Gospel with the suffering people in Epworth. More than 500 people gathered to watch the "JESUS" film, which portrays the life and death of Jesus Christ and includes an invitation to follow the Lord. After viewing the film, 106 people came forward to accept Christ.

The weekend after the film was shown, churches around the area noted a rise in numbers. All of the new guests indicated that they had given their lives to Christ after watching the "JESUS" film.

Praise God for the many who stepped forward into new life after these showings. Still, life will continue to be difficult for many of these people, especially those who know no other way of making money but by prostituting themselves, stealing, or participating in other criminal activity. Pray that these new believers would find legal work if they don't have it. Pray that the Lord would work in the lives of all of these new believers and strengthen their faith.

The JESUS Film Project goes all over the world teaching the Gospel through a visible, tangible medium. Thousands have come to know the Lord for the first time through their ministry. To learn more about the JESUS Film Project, click here.

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