With crate shipped off to India, CRI looks ahead

By January 17, 2011

India (MNN) — Christian Resources International has shipped their latest Great Crate shipment to an undisclosed location in India.

"This particular container that we had sent will be set up as a library and will be used as evangelistic tools," explains CRI's Executive Director Jason Woolford.

India's church is growing rapidly–far too quickly for its resources. This library will provide much-needed tools for pastors, theology students, and everyday believers to grow in their knowledge of the faith and to disciple others.

Even one copy of God's Word would go a long way. Woolford reports that one Indian pastor was able to reach 40,000 people with just one Bible CRI sent him. Imagine, then, the doors that could be opened when believers are equipped with an entire library.

CRI thanks all who contributed their used Christian books, devotionals, and Bibles to this last Great Crate, but now they're looking ahead. In the next couple of months, CRI will ship another container to Liberia. Liberian churches were the recipients of the very first CRI container ever shipped. Woolford says it's been a challenge finding a container provider who will ship to the region, but they have finally been able to push through.

The ministry has truly changed lives in all 165 countries they've entered. "We're providing and making a way for foreign pastors, missionaries, new Christians, and basically those that are searching for the truth–we're actually giving them the living Word of God," says Woolford. "So while hospitals and food are absolutely necessary, we're giving them something to cause them to thirst no more."

So bare your bookshelf to send much-needed books and Bibles on this next shipment to Liberia. You can also help by sponsoring a container shipment. It only costs $10,900 to ship a container worth $345,000 in books and Bibles.

To send in your books or to sponsor a Great Crate, visit www.cribooks.org. You can also look up CRIbooks on Facebook or Twitter.


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