With focus on tsunami, other ministries hurting

By January 19, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — Millions of people around the world are being generous and helping the victims of the tsunami in Asia. The billions of badly needed dollars are being used to to help stave off starvation and disease. But providing for emergency needs in Asia is also taking away from those who were suffering in other places of the world before the tsunami.

For Haiti With Love is just one group affected. For Haiti’s Eva DeHart says, “Even subtracting (money we received for a) special construction project last year, we are right now down 15-percent from last year in contributions. We have received notes saying we should understand because they were very generous with tsunami victim gifts.”

Haiti is in desperate need as drought, food shortage, political uncertainty, and then tropical storm induced flooding has plagued the region for years. DeHart says their needs are great. “We need funding to buy rolled bandages and tape for the burn clinic. There were 20 burned children between 2 months and 10 years (last week). As times get tougher, it seems the children are left alone more while the parent/parents try to find food. We also need money to buy rice to go with the beans we just shipped – rice is $28 (USD) a 110-pound bag in Haiti now.”

It only costs $20 to feed an entire family for an entire month. Funding is also needed to purchase medical supplies for the medical clinic. For Haiti with Love is focused on offering free help with food and medical care in an effort to share Christ’s love with those they serve.

Pray that many people get involved in helping For Haiti with Love and other organizations forgotten during this time of tsunami relief zeal.

If you’d like to help For Haiti with Love and their ministry to the needy, send donations to; P.O. Box 1017, Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1017 or you can also give on-line at http://www.ForHaitiWithLove.org.

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