With Manipur violence “still very present”, Modi faces no-confidence vote

By July 28, 2023

India (MNN) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is currently facing a no-confidence vote in parliament over the violence in Manipur.

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has the majority in parliament so the vote will likely not pass. However, the opposition says it would pressure Modi to speak on Manipur.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Meanwhile, the violence against tribal Christians in Manipur state is “still very present,” according to Regan Miller with Mission India.

Stories of attacks and atrocities continue to come out of Manipur, including a video that recently surfaced of two tribal women paraded naked by a Meitei mob. Many tribal survivors from Manipur have been in relief camps since the attacks started in early May.

Miller says, “If you think about it, May might feel like a long time ago when we first started discussing this topic. But if your home was burned down or your church was burned down, it’s only been a couple of months and you certainly have not had the chance to rebuild yet. As the violence continues, you’re still seeking refuge, living in relief camps, and just trying to fight for your safety.”

Mission India’s local ministry partners go to relief camps to distribute Relief Kits containing food, cooking, oil, clothes, and other necessities.

In the midst of trauma and heartbreak, Mission India’s ministry partners see God moving.

Tribal Christians from Manipur receiving Relief Kits from Mission India partners. (Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Miller shares one story of a woman named Hiti who, although from the largely-Christian Kuki tribe, was not a believer. Then her husband was killed when the attacks began.

“She was left a widow with three children to deal with all this chaos that was going on…. She ended up being ministered to by one of our ministry partners on the ground, and she was just really moved by his compassion and his prayers. She felt like she found some strength in God through that. She ended up going to a relief camp during all of the chaos with her kids and they received one of our Relief Kits that listeners like you guys provided,” Miller says.

“After she received that Relief Kit,…they just really felt Jesus love coming around them and through all of that, Hiti ended up receiving Christ as her Savior.”

It costs $55 to supply one Relief Kit for a Manipur survivor through Mission India.

You can give to Mission India’s Relief Kits here!

Miller says, “Just as they experience His love, they are seeing a little glimmer of hope in this time.”








Header photo of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.