Woman attacked and cast out for her faith

By May 19, 2011

Asia (MNN) — Suffering for Christ with your family is difficult; suffering for Christ because of your family can be devastating.

Gospel for Asia hears daily of men and women persecuted for their faith. But one story that recently stuck out above the others was that of 30-year-old Dhanishta Jode.

Jode's immediate and extended family follow a religion traditional to their area in Asia, but Jode is a follower of Christ.

The differences between her own faith and the religion of her family came sharply into focus when a relative passed away. The burial involved bowing to idols. When Jode refused to take part in violating the first commandment, her husband brutally beat her.

An eyewitness said Jode's family joined in the violent attack. When it was over, the husband and family kicked Jode to the street and warned her never to return.

Even her parents were not willing to take her in, for fear of her husband, and Jode was homeless.

The Gospel for Asia-supported pastor at Jode's church and other believers from the congregation comforted Jode with their prayers, but were determined to take direct action as well. A group of believers–and even some non-Christians in the village–went to Jode's husband and implored him to understand that she had done nothing wrong.

Jode's husband was persuaded by the concerned friends, and God softened his heart. He allowed his wife to come back home. He is now actually supporting her and encouraging her to stand strong in the midst of opposition from his family.

Pray that Jode's husband would come to faith in Christ as well, that Jode would continue to stand firmly in her faith, and that others would follow her bold example.

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