Woman turns to Jesus for healing

By April 23, 2009

India (MNN) — Despite ongoing religious persecution in India, Partners International reports good news. One of their ministries, the Church Growth Association of India (CGAI), reported a woman's conversion to Christianity after Hindu gods failed to heal her husband.

"I strongly believed my [family goddess] would help me throughout my life," said the believer. "All of the pujas we had performed did not help me or my husband in that hour of our utter need. I did not know where to turn."

Partners says the woman's husband was actively involved in political affairs; one day he was pierced by a poisoned arrow. After rushing him to the hospital, the woman says, her house and family were attacked by the opposing political party.

"They beat my mother and threw out our kitchen vessels," she said. "My husband's condition grew worse by the hour."

A Christian neighbor told the woman about Jesus' healing power, and a CGAI group prayed over her. The woman tells of an overwhelming peace after their prayers and says she returned to the hospital containing her husband on the next day.

"Amazingly, my husband's condition had improved, and he continued to get better over the next few weeks," said the believer. "When I explained who had healed him, my husband took great interest in attending church service."

The pair now serves God in their community. CGAI is a frontline training center for evangelism among India's unreached people groups. Their women's ministry gathers women into self-help groups where they learn how to save money, build friendships, and find self-value. Some of the women come to faith as they experience God's love for them.

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