Women At Risk urges prayer for Muslim women

By April 6, 2011

International (MNN) — Some ministries are suggesting Crescent Project's "31 Days of Prayer for Muslim Women" as a resource to pray for Muslim women in the month of May. WAR International is one of them.

"Women At Risk International is an international organization that creates circles of protection around women and children that are at risk in 25 countries," explains ministry president Becky McDonald. "We address 14 different risk issues. Many of them are issues that the Muslim world of women deals with."

Women at Risk International, or WAR International, introduces hope and dignity into the lives of at-risk women and children through various means. The ministry also preaches the truth of the Gospel to these vulnerable women.

WAR shares the Crescent Project's heart for Muslim women in particular. McDonald, who grew up surrounded by women living "behind the veil" can personally attest for the character of these strong females. "They have difficult lives, and they are trying their best to just be a good mom and survive in a world that is really stacked against them in many cases," confirms McDonald.

Despite their often harsh treatment, McDonald says Muslim women almost never complain about their situations. Most of them are just trying to raise their children well and lead pious lives. "They are really seeking to know truth, and they're up against so many odds."

McDonald says one of the best ways to get an idea of what their difficult lifestyle looks like is to read the ghost writer book, Princess. As believers grow to understand the lives of Muslim women worldwide, they can better empathize and pray.

Prayer is imperative.

"Because we're not there, because we are not behind that closed door, because we don't know what goes on in private (which is where the trouble happens in their lives), prayer is that one way to get behind closed doors," expresses McDonald.

As a result, WAR International is encouraging people to spend May–the month in which Mother's Day is celebrated–in prayer for Muslim women, and especially Muslim mothers. They suggest Crescent Project's 31-day online prayer guide as a resource.

"This is a precious month to honor our mothers and to honor these mothers there who are desperately trying to raise their children," says McDonald, who reminds us that mothers are vital to raising generations that seek to live peacefully.

Most people do not have the ability or know-how to enter the Middle East and help transform the lives of struggling Muslim women–which is all the more reason to pray. God has the ability and power to bring peace and the Truth to these women, and, as McDonald puts it, "His work is far more significant than anything we might come up with."

WAR International provides hope for vulnerable women across the globe by providing prevention programs, vocational training, and dignified trade opportunities. Many of their women now make beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry, apparel, and distinctive gifts, which gives them a craft they can be proud of and a position in society. Learn more about Women At Risk International at their Web site, www.warinternational.org.

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