Women celebrate course completion in Russia.

By April 25, 2007

(MNN) — Greater Europe Mission reports that four of their Regional Training
Centers are holding their final sessions, completing six years of training.

the fruition of the Christian Women in Partnership (CWP)-Russia. The partnership itself is a cooperative
women's leadership training initiative sponsored by Greater Europe Mission,
and East-West Ministries International, in cooperation with The Union of Evangelical
Christians-Baptists of the Federation of Russia.

Begun in the fall of 1999, the ministry started with 21
women from across Russia
for the first phase of the self-multiplying training initiative. By October of 2005, these 21 women held their
graduation ceremony in Moscow,
Russia, and interned as teachers in the program.

During the second year of the women's training at the Base
Training Center (BTC) in Moscow, in groups of
three, these 21 women began seven Regional Training Centers (RTCs) that stretch
from Moscow to the Island of Sakhalin
in the Far East of Russia.

In 2003 their RTC students, again in groups of three, began
Local Training Centers (LTCs).   And two
years ago, several students from the LTCs have begun City Training Centers
(CTCs) in their local churches.

Thus, the preparation has been entirely indigenized, with
Russian women training and administrating the various training centers
throughout Russia. They've completed a curriculum geared to
training women to assume the role of women's ministries leadership in the local

More than 70 women will graduate this spring and finish
their final two years as teachers. As one GEM missionary put it, "We also
desire to challenge women to get involved in missions, serving adults and
children through a variety of ministries."


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