Women for JESUS engages an oft-disregarded group

By September 30, 2013

International (MNN) — A new Web site has launched to mobilize women to work together, sending the Gospel to the

Women for JESUS is a
ministry of The JESUS Film Project and was launched in 2006 as a resource for women whose desire is to pray with passion and give with purpose. Specifically, their goal is to see women around the
world reached through “Magdalena,” an adaptation of the JESUS film for women.

newly-launched Web site
will help mobilize more women to work together, sending the Gospel to the

The Women for JESUS Web site offers stories of changed lives of women and
children, a place to pray for the needs of other women, and an opportunity to give to
specific projects geared toward sharing the love of Jesus with others. 

The JESUS film is an effective evangelistic tool and a powerful fool for expanding the church worldwide. It has been translated into more than 1,160 languages, with new languages being
added onto the long list every month! Having the film translated opens doors to
more opportunities to reach others and encourage men, women, and children to reach out and spread the
love of Jesus around the world.

Women for JESUS has the same purpose: to provide people with the gospel in their heart language through film. Their outreach is aimed specifically to women via the “Magdalena” film. 

Visit the new Women for JESUS Web site here. 



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