Women in Kenyan prison given biblical hope

By February 16, 2023

Kenya (MNN) — Women make up about 18 percent of Kenya’s prisoner population. Unfortunately, prison conditions have not changed much since the early 1900’s. Sometimes first-time offenders are even imprisoned alongside habitual felons.

All in all, life in a Kenyan prison can be incredibly disturbing and hopeless.

Mission Cry ministers in a women’s prison near Nakuru, Kenya, distributing Bibles to the female inmates there.

The organization is not specifically a prison ministry, but through another ministry partner connection, Mission Cry sees a great need for the hope of Christ in Kenya’s prisons.

Rev. Jason Woolford, President of Mission Cry, says, “While there’s definitely some very guilty people in this prison I think of those that maybe over a misdemeanor are sitting in a jail cell for years, sometimes up to two years, three years, and it would have been a case that most likely would have been dismissed. But due to injustice and no order, these people are sitting there.”

More than just prison reform, these women are experiencing total heart changes as they begin new relationships with Jesus Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“We had just gotten back pictures and videos from the distribution to these women that are in these prisons and they are are elated, they’re crying, they’re blessed. They’re so thankful that they have the word of God,” says Woolford.

“For those that are guilty and those that maybe have been wrongfully charged, they have hope. True hope only comes from the Word of God. They’re getting to be able to read that and then also discipled so it’s a real blessing.”

The Lord has granted favor to Mission Cry’s ministry in this Kenyan prison, and they plan to continue to relationship and even reach other prisons.

“This particular relationship came about through a partner that we have in the Netherlands, if you can imagine, and they wanted to get these Bibles to this prison and asked if we could partner with them and send a sea container. So it’s amazing how all the way from Fowlerville, Michigan, to the Netherlands, now to the prison in Africa, God is just amazing how He orchestrates things.”

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(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Ultimately, Woolford says, “We serve the guilt-eraser and the grace-giver. That’s so important for us, for those that are listening, for those that have made mistakes in their life, whether it caused you to go to prison or not, for those that may be suffering because of choices they made in their past.

“I just want to remind you, just as these prisoners are being reminded, that when we call on the name of Jesus, when we ask Him to be our Lord and Savior, we truly get to serve the grace-giver and the guilt-eraser.”

Pray for women in Kenya’s prisons to know the eternal hope they can have through the life and promises of Christ.







Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.

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