Women in Russia to get pregnancy center

By June 15, 2016
baby ultrasound

Russia (SGA) — Women facing unwanted and unplanned pregnancy in Russia are often times faced with little support in becoming a mom.

But some of this is changing thanks in part to a thriving Russian church, which is partnering with Slavic Gospel Association to launch a pregnancy care center in Moscow. SGA’s President Robert Provost explains,

baby ultrasound

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“The abortion rate in Russia has historically been even higher than in America. Some statistics project that an average Russian woman will, in her lifetime, have up to seven abortions. And the number of abortions that have been recorded is two-hundred-sixty-eight-million. But some think the real number may be double that.”

Russia is a country with over 143 million people, and the large majority of these people are women. But, God has not forgotten the needs in this country and through the Russian churches, he’s providing this important help.

“The Russian pastors and a large number of church members caught a vision for wanting to develop a pregnancy center. A pregnancy center in America donated an ultrasound instrument. And another pregnancy center, one in Los Angeles, said we will train their staff,” Provost says.

Soon, in the city of Moscow, women and their partners considering abortion will have the chance to come to a place welcoming them with open arms, love, and acceptance. The new crisis pregnancy center will offer free pregnancy tests, an ultrasound, counseling, and educational options.

Image courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

Image courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

Oftentimes women facing an unintended pregnancy feel alone. They are nervous and stressed. But when they will walk into the new crisis pregnancy center, they will receive Jesus’s love and be encouraged in His peace. These women will learn how they are loved, not only by the staff at the center, but also by God.

Pray for the women and their partners who will soon be walking in and out of this center. Pray for their unborn babies. And pray that these children, their mothers, and their fathers would be showered in Christ’s love.

As for the staff, pray for strength, wisdom, and their own relationships with God as they prepare to work in broken situations. And finally, pray for the financial support needed to launch this crisis pregnancy center.

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