Words of Hope broadcasts bring about church and listener growth

By August 4, 2010

Sudan (MNN) — Through a partnership with Spirit FM, a local
radio station, Words of Hope broadcasts their program in the language of Bari
in Yei, Sudan.

Rt. Rev. Anthony Poggo, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kajo
Keji of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, regularly hears these broadcasts
from nearby Yei.

Plus, he is helping to expand the area Words of Hope
broadcasts reach: "We are reaching out to the people of Kajo Keji and the
surrounding areas through four hours of radio programs every week through Voice
of Kajo Keji FM and through Grace FM," said Lee DeYoung, vice president of
international ministry at Words of Hope.

However, the bishop has recently been astonished by the amount
of believers in the region. DeYoung said, "As knowledgeable as Bishop Anthony
is about his diocese, response to Words of Hope's Bari broadcasts has surprised
him and revealed the existence of hundreds of Bari and Kuku believers in place he
hadn't realized even existed."

God's Word is spreading beyond even the borders of
Uganda and Sudan. Words of Hope Uganda's Executive Director Rev. Titus Baraka
said, "Listenership continues to increase in Uganda and Sudan. Some Bari
Kuku immigrants living in Australia have heard great testimonies from our
listeners and have asked us to mail them CD's of these messages."

"We praise God for this continuing open door, using local
and regional privately run radio stations. The freedom to do that is such a
great blessing, and the impact of these programs is growing," DeYoung

Pray for the continued growth of people hearing these
broadcast and of the Episcopal Church congregation. Pray for new believers to
deepen their commitment to Christ and seek to reach others with His message.

Visit Words of Hope's Web site to help them continue
broadcasting throughout Sudan and Uganda.

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