Words of Hope moves production to challenging area

By November 30, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — With ethnic tension high, a decision for southern secession pending, and cleanup from a long civil war still in progress, Sudan is in great need of solid truth. So far, most ministries have stayed in the already-peaceful areas. Words of Hope, however, is taking a step out onto uncharted waters.

The Episcopal Archbishop of Sudan, Daniel Deng, recently asked that ministries and organizations serving in Sudan move into areas where problems are the most evident–a call that is certainly more dangerous but likely more effective

"In effect, his plea was that people who are helping the Sudanese would be willing to venture out beyond the peaceful, relatively safe and secure areas, to the areas where the conflict is really on the front lines. The people in those areas, engaged in rivalries and attacks, need to hear about the unity that we have in Christ," says Words of Hope's Lee DeYoung.

Words of Hope has two broadcasts in Sudan: one in the Sudanese language of Dinka and one in Nuer. "We are broadcasting with Words of Hope daily programs in both Dinka and Nuer 30 minutes a day, and these programs regularly address the issue of peace and reconciliation," says DeYoung. The Dinka broadcast used to be in a relatively peaceful area on the border of Kenya and Sudan, but the ministry has decided it may be most-needed in a more hostile area.

As a result, "Words of Hope has recently moved its Dinka production into one of these areas where security is a challenge," says DeYoung. "The people there are hopeful that this step (and perhaps doing so with regard to other programs, such as those in Nuer) might also increase the effectiveness and the fruit that might come about establishing peace and reconciliation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ as shared on the radio."

DeYoung asks for prayer that those who hear the Gospel would see what a true bond in Christ looks like. Many of those involved in various conflicts in Sudan are practicing Christians. Christians, though, ought to be leading the way out of turmoil, not into it. Pray that the station would reach the ears and hearts of anyone wayward–professed believer or otherwise.

Pray also that other organizations would accept the call to step into more dangerous areas where their ministries could be more effective.

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