Words of Hope programming has high popularity in Sudan

By April 15, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — In the countries of East Africa, radio is the most-trusted source of information. People in Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Sudan rely on local radio stations to provide them with updates, news, and any other important piece of information.

Words of Hope uses radio broadcasts to share the Gospel. In one area of Sudan, the popularity and quality of Words of Hope programming might garner free air time.

"The programs are so good and are liked by most of our people," said the manager of a station that broadcasts Words of Hope programs. "We are considering giving you more broadcast time even for free because your programs are so good."

Since September, Words of Hope has been broadcasting programs in the Bari language in Yei through Spirit FM. Since then, the station has registered a tremendous listener response. Lee DeYoung, Words of Hope's vice president for broadcasting, says that when listeners hear broadcasts in their "heart" language, it opens doors for evangelism. DeYoung also says that Bari-speaking listeners in Uganda, a minority group, are touched by Words of Hope broadcasts.

"For people who are a minority in a given place," DeYoung says, "hearing their language being spoken on the radio gives them a sense of validation, and there's an immediate interest in tuning in."

The Bari people are an ethnic tribal group of Sudan. Traditionally they occupy areas of Sudan surrounding the Nile River. Bari's traditionally believe in one God, and the main Bari religions are Christianity and Islam. Spirit FM broadcasts to listeners in Yei, a Sudanese city near the border of Uganda.

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