WordWinds celebrates the end of a Bible translation project

By January 25, 2008

Brazil (MNN) — The New Testament translation
project for Brazil's Tembe people is finally nearing an end.

The people are divided into six tribes and speak the
Tembé language, of the Tupi language family. According to the ethnologue
reports, their population is estimated at 860 persons.

WordWinds International's Jarrette Allen says the
team, Paulo and Quézia Oliveira, spent the last 14 years working with the
Tembé people in the process of getting the New Testament translation in the
Tembé language. "After they finish
the final verification of Hebrews, then there's a process of going through a
final typesetting and answering some questionnaires and forms
with Wycliffe and SIL. It'll actually be
sent to the printer in the middle of next year."

But they won't stop at the New Testament. With one
project wrapping up, Allen says the team is looking ahead at a Tembe
translation of the JESUS Film. 

He notes the timing is just right; eager hands will
receive this project. "In November,
they took the Gospel of Luke in their hands, took it among the Tembe people,
had a dedication ceremony, and presented it to them. At that dedication ceremony of the Gospel of
Luke, 18 people among the Tembe accepted Christ. So they have an emerging church among the
Tembe, and they're anxiously awaiting the complete New Testament."

WordWinds is looking at helping fund more translation projects not only in
Brazil but also in India, West Africa and Indonesia. 

In the near future, they're hoping to help national missionaries in India
with audio recordings of the New Testament.  They also want to provide audio recordings
of the Old and New Testaments for a people in a small country in Far West
Africa, as well as the updating of their New Testament.

Future projects are in the development stage, with talks of translations in
Kenya and in Indonesia.

WordWinds does this by supporting educationally and
financially the work of national missionaries working in their own homelands
and by encouraging like-minded Christians to give toward the funding of Bible
translation and other projects being spear-headed by native/indigenous mission
organizations. Click here if you can help.

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