Workers needed for Uganda outreach

By February 3, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — Violence continues between the Lord's Resistance Army and Ugandan troops. But even as these tensions persist, a ministry is gearing up to reach out to internally displaced people living in refugee camps.

Lorella Rouster with Every Child Ministries says many of the kids in these camps are plagued by memories. "Many of them saw their parents, or their brothers or sisters, or family members hacked to death with machetes or hoes by the LRA rebels. And some of them were made to participate in it."

Now, Every Child Ministries is sending short-term teams into some of these camps to reach out with the Gospel. And they need your help. "We could take about 14 on each of the teams. We would like to have a three-week team go in June and another three-week team go in July."

Rouster describes what they'll be doing on the trip. "They'll be putting on a daily program for the kids. They will have Bible teaching, and then they will have games, and they'll have some educational activities. We'll also serve lunch to the kids."

The ECM teams will have a first aid clinic, as well.

Education will be a major focus, says Rouster. "One of the things we'd like to do is prepare some of them to go back to school because they have missed so much in their education. So we'll be including some educational developmental activities as well."

This won't be a trip for the faint of heart. "They'll be staying in Gulu. Then the teams will go out each day and spend the day at the camp."

Rouster says these kids are emotionally and physically needy. "We see them still going around with a glazed look on their faces. It's really pathetic to see. It's heart-breaking. But I know Jesus is a great Healer, and I know that He can heal those wounds."

This is a great hands-on ministry. If you'd like additional information about the trip, it's featured on the homepage of our Web site.

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