Working with the local churches, Slavic Gospel Association will reach millions of children with the Truth of the Gospel.

By February 18, 2005

Russia (MNN) — The people of Russia place a high value on their children. That was seen in the aftermath of the terror at Beslan and the response of Russians around the country.

Because of their deep love and care for children, Slavic Gospel Association is planning to translate, print and distribute a book called “A Faith to Grow On” by John MacArthur. It’s a theology book written specifically for children.

Joel Griffith is with SGA, “We’d like to print about two million copies of these if possible. We’re going to obviously give them to the churches to distribute in their evangelistic outreaches with children. We also have a goal in mind to be able to get a copy of this book into each library in Russia.”

The ministry is to and through the local churches, and Griffith says that’s why SGA’s helping, “The churches were able to reach out and minister in Beslan, in a really special way there, even as they suffered in their own grief from losing their own children. The community was able to see the love of Christ and the comfort of Christ through the churches there. And it’s things like this that when open doors like this are created, we want to help the churches make the most of it.”

Griffith asks people to pray that the Lord would begin to prepare the hearts of the children who will receive the books, and pray “that the Lord would open their hearts to the Gospel and that He would open their minds and their spirits to be able to understand Him and come to the Lord Jesus Christ in saving faith.”

Slavic Gospel Association needs financial help to make this happen. Contact them through their website at or call them toll free in the USA 1.800.BIBLE.50.

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