World AIDS Day theme 2007: leadership

By November 30, 2007

(MNN) — The theme for World AIDS Day is "leadership" for 2007 and
2008.  Leadership must be demonstrated in
order to get ahead of the disease.

Much of
the best leadership on AIDS has been demonstrated within civil society organizations
challenging the status quo. Making
leadership the theme of the next two World AIDS Days will help encourage
leadership on AIDS.

ministries are encouraging each other to take a stand in this pandemic. International Aid's Milton Amayun says one
area where they're making strides is in getting clean water to people living
with HIV.

"Clean water is needed to prevent infection
and to prevent diarrhea, which is a major component of the illness, especially
for those who are not on anti-retroviral therapy," explains Amayun. Water
borne diseases are especially deadly to an already compromised immune
system. He goes on to detail what they're doing. "International Aid does
equipment, provision of supplies and AIDS prevention and education." 

I-A's President
and CEO Myles Fish says, "The World Health Organization has gone on record
to state that more than 50% of the world's health problems are caused by bad
water. The United Nations has set a goal to reduce by half the number of
people who are suffering from bad water by the year 2015."

Making contaminated water safe is one of the simplest, most direct solutions
for combating illness. And, in addition to the potentially dramatic
public health impact, reducing waterborne infectious diseases can help combat
poverty and promote significant economic growth in today's global society. The
distribution of its new Plastic BioSand Water Filter and collaboration with its
current and prospective partners helps International Aid bring these benefits
to communities worldwide.

Through their
response of providing clean water, medicines, supplies and equipment, the team
is always mindful of sharing the Living Water, too. "People living with HIV are on the
margins of society.  ust the mere fact
that our partners in the field are reaching out to them is already a
demonstration of God's love. Often, there
is a necessity for these individuals to receive a message of hope."  

says it's as simple as A-B-C: ‘Abstinence,'  ‘Being faithful ,' and ‘Caring communities.' It's the story of God's ordinary people finding a way to make a difference in the AIDS fight. 

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