World By Radio appoints new chairman

By October 29, 2007

International (MNN) — The president of the Far East Broadcasting Company,
Greg Harris, took on a new role recently as Chairman of the Executive Committee
of World by Radio.

"The collective outreach of the ministries involved
in this venture is staggering," said Harris, who will serve in the position for
3 years. "It is an honor to serve the members of World By Radio."

World By Radio is a consortium of international
radio broadcasting partners whose mission is to give every person on earth the
opportunity to hear the saving message of Christ in a language they understand,
and in doing so create the ability to become a functional member of His church.

World By Radio was created from an original
commitment, World by 2000, made by three worldwide radio ministries in 1985. FEBC,
along with Trans World Radio and HCJB, are dedicated to reaching the world for
Christ and came together to accomplish the mission. Since that time, five
other major broadcasting organizations have jumped on board: IBRA radio, Words
of Hope, Back to the Bible, Gospel for Asia, and Feba, the sister company of

"By harnessing our collective efforts, we can
achieve even greater impact for the Kingdom," said Harris. "I am very
excited to see the spirit of openness and cooperation that exists among the
partners of World By Radio."


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