World Concern launches podcast

By March 1, 2022

International (MNN) — World Concern is launching a new podcast called, “The End of the Road.” Check it out here.

Cathy Herholdt, the host of the program, says the title describes the places World Concern serves. “Places like South Sudan, Somalia, or the mountains of Myanmar. You literally have to go to where the road ends, even the dirt road, and then keep going to get to these communities that are unreached by other organizations.”


The first episode interviews a guest who grew up in rural Kenya. He describes his early years and how his experiences helped shape his love for others.

Herholdt says most of the guests do not work with World Concern. “We connect with people through ministries, through missions, or through other organizations. Some just happen to be locals of these places that are that we’re talking about. They live and they serve there.”

The takeaway

It’s all about putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Herholdt says, “If I wasn’t able to feed my kids for a day, what would that feel like? What would my experience be? We can really relate to other people as fellow human beings.”

The podcast aims to connect and unite people from different parts of the world. Herholdt says, “Think about what God is doing around the world. Recognize that God is present all over the world, in all of these places, even places that Christians might not think that He’s present. He’s there. He’s always been there.”



The header photo shows Harun Ringera (pictured right) the guest of the first episode of the podcast. (Photo courtesy of World Concern)