World Food Program cutting aid to Syria

By March 1, 2023

Syria (MNN) — Syrians displaced by the February 6 earthquakes face blow after blow.

An airstrike in northwest Syria hit one of the quake zones, killing two. Millions depend on humanitarian aid to survive, and the World Food Program will soon cut emergency feeding programs in Syria. Finally, kids and adults alike contend with post-traumatic stress every day.

“There are traumatic responses, deep loss, and that spirit of fear,” Samuel* of Redemptive Stories says.

“[For example,] people had begun returning to their homes, and then tremors hit. They, in fear, fled back to the hostels [and] schools to feel some semblance of peace and comfort again.”

(Photo courtesy of Horizons International)

The earthquakes hit rebel-held areas in northern Syria. Aid trucks took almost a week to reach the quake zone, raising concern that some lives were lost because of the delay.

The Syrian government opened more border crossings for aid deliveries, but “it’s not going to be enough to take care of the current needs,” Samuel says.

Visit our earthquake response page to equip Gospel workers on the ground.

Ask the Lord to give Samuel and his team wisdom as they meet with partners in Syria. “The goal is to be there for people – pray with them, encourage them, walk with them,” Samuel says.

“Pray for opportunities for the Church to respond, to use this terrible situation, as God always does, to bring many Syrians to Himself,” he requests.

“[Pray] that the Holy Spirit would give both our brothers and sisters, and those not yet a part of the kingdom, comfort, and strength, and that He would ultimately give them hope.”





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