World Hope discusses tough issues while celebrating child sponsorship

By November 28, 2008

Bangladesh (MNN) — World Hope International held its first Asian Summit for Hope for Children recently to celebrate ten years of child sponsorship. The forum, held in Bangladesh, served not only as a celebration but also as a look into likely future obstacles.

The seminar hosted partners from Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Bangladesh, representing more than 1,200 youth sponsored by Hope for Children. WHI workers from the U.S. also participated in order to educate those at the conference in their various areas of expertise. Presentations included information on recognizing and avoiding human trafficking, the repercussions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on children in Asia, as well as the effects of trauma.

The conference offered many participants hope and encouragement for the important work that they do. WHI plans to hold similar forums in the future to keep its staff and partners aware of current struggles and complications.

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