World Mission celebrates 20 years of ministry

By October 16, 2014

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USA (MNN) — Two decades of commitment is a big milestone, whether in marriage or ministry. In marriage, the occasion is celebrated with gifts of china, platinum, or emerald.

World Mission is celebrating 20 years of global ministry with friends over dinner.

“One of our national partners from the country of Myanmar, formerly Burma, will be joining us and sharing a testimony right from the field of how God is using The Treasure to bring Buddhists to know Jesus Christ,” shares Executive Director Greg Kelley.

Celebrating 20 years

As World Mission celebrates their 20th anniversary, they’re looking at the past with praise and to the future with hope.

“This year, our 20th year in existence, we will be distributing the 100,000th Treasure, which is our solar-powered audio Bible,” Kelley shares, adding the landmark Treasure will be distributed in northern Nigeria.

A man listens to The Treasure in Nigeria.  (Photo cred: World Mission)

A man listens to The Treasure in Nigeria.
(Photo credit World Mission)

“That’s really by design; it’s symbolic to us because northern Nigeria has endured some of the harshest, most relentless persecution over the last three years because of the terrorist group Boko Haram.”

If you’re close to West Michigan, you can meet World Mission staff and invest in the ministry’s future at the 20-year celebration dinner on Monday, October 27.

Better hurry to secure a spot, though; the RSVP deadline is tomorrow. You can RSVP by calling the World Mission office at 616-534-5689 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

“To distribute 100,000 [Treasures], we feel, is a great accomplishment, and we just thank the Lord for that,” adds Kelley.

World Mission’s ministry isn’t stopping at the 20-year mark, though.

Looking ahead

Since its founding in 1994, World Mission has been dedicated to bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups. While that mission has been accomplished in different ways over the years, the end result remains the same: introducing lost people to the hope of Jesus Christ.

The Treasure is designed to be used in a group listening setting.  (Photo cred: World Mission)

The Treasure is designed to be used in a group listening setting.
(Photo credit World Mission)

Partnerships are a key component to World Mission’s ministry, and one of their newest efforts involves joining hands with Bible League International. The Illinois-based group has asked World Mission to transfer their print New Testaments into audio.

“Right now, World Mission is in the process of recording New Testaments so that we can get the Word of God out into areas where the Gospel’s not been heard because of the number of illiterate people,” Kelley explains.

“They give us the printed translation, and World Mission then records it with an indigenous individual, and then we load them on the Treasures, and we distribute them.”

See how you can partner with World Mission here.

Pray for this new partnership to bear much spiritual fruit among the world’s unreached people groups. Pray also for many new supporters to come alongside World Mission in the coming year.

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