World Mission planting churches in Nepal

By September 19, 2014
New listeners in Nepal (Photo courtesy of World Mission)

New listeners in Nepal.
(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Nepal (MNN) — What chance does an audio recording of the Bible have against the darkness of false religions?

What chance does it have to dispute the practices of sex slavery and remove the weight of poverty?

BBC calls Nepal one of the poorest countries. The main religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. With many neighbors holding anti-conversion laws, Nepal is considering the same (read more about that here).

A believer and prayer warrior in Nepal (Photo courtesy of World Mission)

A believer and prayer warrior in Nepal.
(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

The Nepali-Indian border is an area of heavy sex-trafficking activity.

World Mission president Greg Kelly is on the ground in Nepal, and his team is passing out The Treasure, a small digital audio player of the Bible. The effectiveness of the Bible in audio cannot be underestimated by the palm-size of the player.

Kelley shares, “For the last several days I’ve been with a group from World Mission traveling through Nepal. Right now I’m walking through the jungle mountains next to a beautiful river, and the contrast of the beauty of the country with the spiritual condition is just alarming.

“We had the opportunity to meet villages that were literally 100% Buddhist, and also Hindu influence as well. We [distributed] Treasures, and we saw people come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ…. A new church [has been] planted, and now there are ten new Christians in a remote village in the southern part of Nepal worshipping Jesus. We just ask you to lift them up in your prayers as they’re reaching out and sharing the Gospel with their friends and family and neighbors in the area.”

The Treasure (Photo courtesy of World Mission)

A Nepali girl holds her new ‘Treasure.’
(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

As you consider these new believers and the challenges they’re about to face with their new faith, share this news with your neighbors, friends, and family. It can be an opportunity to pray as a group for these Nepali believers, or an opportunity to share your faith with those around you.

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  • I want to know about the works and most importantly willing to work and/or volunteer (except finance).

  • Oh my God ! This is a deliberate effort to convert people. Jesus is very align to Nepalis, although I know due to the poverty and caste system people are changing, not because they like Jesus. A mission like this is a prohibitable act and the government should take action against those “deliberate converters”

  • Greg Yoder says:

    While I understand your concerns and thoughts on this, unfortunately it’s just not true. Christians are providing them love. Sometimes that love comes in the form of a loving relationship. Sometimes it’s in the form of food, water, or medicine. Sometimes it comes in the form of God’s Word in the Bible. No Christian can force a person to become a Christian. God’s Spirit can change a heart. When God does this, they come willingly and joyfully. Certainly there are some who make your claims, but they’re not true.

  • Ya this is very good idea to reach the people who have not heard about Jesus. I like so much the way that you have been doing. God Bless all of you.

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