World Missionary Press receives permission to reprint booklet in Mexico

By August 29, 2018
Scripture Booklets

Mexico (MNN) – After waiting at least three months, the World Missionary Press has received printing permission from the Bible Society of Mexico. The ministry will be reprinting scripture booklets of Help From Above in one of Mexico’s many Mayan languages.

Permission to Print

This triumph came after the World Missionary Press National Coordinator in Mexico scheduled a meeting with the Bible Society of Mexico. The World Missionary Press went through the typical application process for permission with the Bible Society of Mexico but had not been given a response. After weeks of what felt like running in circles, the National Coordinator in Mexico for World Missionary Press set up an appointment to meet with a man from the Bible Society of Mexico.

News of the appointment garnered prayers from World Missionary Press workers, who are eager to see God’s Word made more accessible in Mexico. Following the meeting, the National Coordinator shared the details with Helen Williams, the Freight Shipments Coordinator for World Missionary Press.

“She sent an email of his testimony instead, and then she sent us a translation and the gist of it is that this man is an older man. Once he saw the booklet, he said, ‘Oh I know this booklet,’ he said, ‘I remember it. It came to me at a time in my life where I was looking for the Lord, I was thirsty and hungry, and this booklet helped me find the Lord’,” Williams recounts.

A Need in Mexico

Not only was this man’s life impacted by a previous printing of the booklet, but he knows Mexico’s need for God’s Word. World Missionary Press booklets are another way to get the Gospel message into the hands of the Mexican people.

(Header photo and photo courtesy World Missionary Press)

“We had struggled to do this but the Lord had something really encouraging at the end of this process for us and for this gentleman as well. And it was such a blessing. It almost brought me to tears because to see the Lord work in His time and in His way…it wasn’t just, ‘Yes you can have it,’ it was, ‘Oh I know this, this we need. The people of Mexico need this. Yes, this is what it did in my life and know it will do in other lives.’ And so, it was just a real blessing,” Williams shares.

World Missionary Press is preparing for the production schedule of the reprint for the Help From Above booklet. This reprint is specifically for the Chiapas state in southern Mexico. The goal is for copies of Help From Above to be available by the end of the year.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

So please, will you pray? Pray for the wisdom and efficiency of World Missionary Press. Ask God to provide resources to fund production. Pray for World Missionary Press to be able to increase its monthly production from 8 million to 10 million pieces. Finally, pray for this booklet to get into the hands of people thirsting for God. Pray it will help quench their thirst with the Gospel.

World Missionary Press currently needs to fill orders for nearly 100 million pieces and the request for more booklets is never-ending. The ministry needs to increase monthly production to meet these requests, but that means funds to purchase ink, paper, and other printing necessities. Will you help increase production through giving?

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