World Missionary Press celebrates new partner in Kenya

By December 1, 2022

Kenya (MNN) — Hope often blooms in the most unexpected places. Ask the new World Missionary Press partners working in a poverty-stricken settlement in Kenya.

“There are about half a million (people) in a one square mile region,” WMP’s Helen Williams says. She won’t name the location or the new WMP partners for security reasons.

As you might expect, conditions like these create a desperate environment.

“The life expectancy is 30 years of age; 90 percent of children die before their fifth birthday. There’s HIV, 50 percent unemployment, open sewers; [the] average home measures 12 feet by 12 feet and accommodates eight people,” Williams says.

“It’s filled with people who want nothing more than to be respected.”

Some might call the people who live here “a waste of life.” World Missionary Press partners see this community and its people as their calling.

Believers offer humanitarian aid and services to people throughout the slum. Scripture booklets from WMP introduce the Gospel message.

(Graphic courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“They’re doing work in a hard place and meeting all kinds of needs, but they need the literature to go along with it,” Williams says, adding that the booklets are “giving people hope.”

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“I would encourage people to spend some time on the website and learn about the 61-year-old ministry of World Missionary Press, what the Lord has done, and what we believe He will do in the future,” Williams says.



Header and story images courtesy of World Missionary Press.