World Missionary Press equips local evangelists in Ethiopia

By June 17, 2021

Ethiopia (MNN) — Ethiopia’s neighbors may be hostile to Christianity, but God’s at work in this East Africa nation. More Ethiopia headlines here.

“Now’s the time,” World Missionary Press partners recently told Freight Coordinator Helen Williams. “The doors are open. We’ve got teams going; we want to go out and reach our villages.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

World Missionary Press supplies Christian ministries and individual Gospel workers worldwide with small Scripture booklets and other biblical resources. They’ve been sending material to Ethiopian believers for nearly 30 years.

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Some partners work in southern Ethiopia near the capital city. “There’s a lot of movement of peoples there. They have also had ‘protected’ people working in Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti,” Williams says.

Others use Scripture booklets to share Christ with refugees. Ethiopia has a long Christian history, but many people flooding across the border come from closed, Islamic nations.

“South of where they are, in northern Kenya, there’s a huge camp for refugees [and] a lot of people movement, so that gives them an opportunity,” Williams says.

“We see the Lord moving; we’re seeing a great opportunity in so many places like Ethiopia, so I would encourage your [readers] – as dire as it might look, the Lord is working.”

Ethiopia also contains dozens of people groups with no Gospel access. 33 million people belong to unreached people groups. That’s nearly a third of Ethiopia’s total population! Pray believers will be successful in their attempts to introduce these communities to Christ.

World Missionary Press sent two million Scripture booklets in Ethiopia’s two primary languages, Amharic and Oromic (Oromiffa), to distribution partners last month.

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Header image depicts an Ethiopian man reading a Scripture booklet from World Missionary Press.