World Missionary Press looks to send more booklets to Central America

By September 29, 2020
Haiti, kids

Central America (MNN) — As COVID-19 shipping restrictions loosen, World Missionary Press looks to send even more booklets to ministry partners in Central America and the Caribbean.

Ministry During a Pandemic

While the pandemic delayed many booklet shipments, many shipments have now been delivered or are en route. Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says shipping restrictions remain an important point of prayer for the ministry.

“Our primary prayer is for the ports to open and for the cities to open so that our coordinators can get to the port, get to their agents, get the paperwork done, [and] be ready to receive [the shipments],” she says.

Honduras, kids

Photo courtesy of Bill Wegener via Unsplash

Shipments are ready for several countries, including Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, and Haiti. Williams says the distribution network in Honduras is particularly strong. World Missionary Press partner Jim T. says that the impact of the booklets in Honduras has been especially powerful during the pandemic.

“World Missionary Press literature has played a bigger role in our ministry this year—2020—than ever before. People are looking for answers. No matter if we are out beating the streets giving out food through our feeding programs or counseling prisoners, the Bible literature is invaluable.”

Hope for Haiti

The shipments also bring hope to those struggling in Haiti. The nation has experienced many hardships, and recent years have added only more tragedy to Haiti’s history. In 2019, political and economic crises threatened the country. The beginning of 2020 brought more violence. Further natural disasters and turmoil meant the pandemic worsened conditions in a country unprepared to combat COVID-19.

It’s in these desperate conditions that World Missionary Press seeks to equip partners with the material needed to bring Haiti hope.

“The first shipment just got through. Our coordinator said it was just amazing that the container left the port and arrived through gunfire and burning cars and rioting. She said it was though God’s Word went through unharmed, just on God’s wings, if you will. They were so excited,” Williams says.

World Missionary Press plans to send another shipment to the country soon.

“[Our partners] are so excited about the [shipment] coming because there’s a desperate need for the Word.”

Meeting Needs

World Missionary Press partners care deeply about the spiritual needs of their neighbors. However, they recognize that in order to be the hands and feet of Jesus and effectively share His hope, they need to care for physical needs as well.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

“In many of these areas, the ministries have combined [evangelism] with humanitarian aid, schooling, or feeding programs. God’s people have gone where He has led,” Williams says. “Some of it is digital, through technology, but a lot of it is meeting the humanitarian needs and showing the love of Christ.”

By meeting needs in these ways, partners are able to share World Missionary Press booklets and the Gospel with many.

“Our booklets are all Scripture, and they are laid out to describe God’s love, His plan of salvation, His desire to have fellowship, and the hope that He offers,” Williams says.

How You Can Help

In addition to praying for the World Missionary Press partners and shipments, you can support this ministry by donating here.

“Our material is given free around the world. The cost to print and ship [Scripture booklets] is about $25. You can reach 500 people for $25. We know from testimonies that each booklet often will reach a family or more than one person, so God multiplies it around the world,” Williams says. “When you send us $1 we can reach 25 people with a clear presentation of the Gospel in their own language, which they may never have seen or heard before.”

“It’s just the greatest bargain in the world.”



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