World Missionary Press, Mission Cry send Bibles and resources to Honduras inmates

By March 13, 2024

Honduras (MNN) — Prisoners in Honduras are receiving God’s Word today thanks to a collaborative effort between missionaries and ministries based in the United States.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says the journey began when a new missionary asked WMP for Spanish Bibles. “‘World Missionary Press doesn’t print Bibles,’ I told him, ‘but we have Bible studies and material,’” Williams says.

“He said, ‘Okay, that’s wonderful! Can you provide it?’ and he sends us a list of 100 copies each of our Bible studies and some other material.”

WMP teamed up with a distributor in Honduras to supply the missionary with the items he requested. Praise God for this quick collaboration and for recent prison changes leading to Gospel opportunities.

“They got a new superintendent at this prison, and he’s a believer so he made it mandatory that the prisoners attend a Gospel service,” Williams says.

The story doesn’t stop there. Williams reached out to another MNN partner for further teamwork.

“I also contacted Mission Cry and said, ‘I’ve got prisoners in Honduras that need Bibles, can you help?’ And Mission Cry said, ‘You bet!’” Williams says.

“They provided 350 Bibles free for these prisoners in Honduras. That’s how the Lord works.”

How can God use you? Seek the Lord for further direction, and consider partnering financially with World Missionary Press. Most importantly, cover the work in Honduras in prayer.

“Pray for fruit; pray for people to come to know the Lord who might not otherwise have access to His Word. Pray for those responding, that they would grow and become established in their faith,” Williams requests.

“We just need to pray that the fruit that comes from it (prison outreach) would be fruit that remains and changes a nation.”




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