World Missionary Press sends emergency shipment to Haiti

By August 8, 2018

Haiti (MNN) — World Missionary Press partners with organizations all over the world, but it was their contacts in Haiti who needed help in recent months.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says they’re partnered with several groups in Haiti. One of them, Every Home For Christ, wants to reach every home in Haiti with the Gospel.

“When they go to homes, they always want to leave at least two pieces of literature,” Williams says. “They were working with a local printer to get some material of their own printed which would augment what we send so they could do their evangelism and keep up their ministry teams.”

But then, plans went awry.

“It turned out that something happened in that situation so that when they went to get their material, it wasn’t there,” Williams says. “By not having that first supply from their local printer to augment what they had from us, they used up what they had from us and then they were down to nothing.”

All of a sudden, Every Home For Christ had teams prepared, plans organized, and a mission to focus on, but they had no literature to distribute. So they contacted WMP for help.

Typically, everything WMP prints heads immediately out the door. They do keep a small stock handy, however, and this situation is exactly why.

“We took a look at what we had in stock and we put together a shipment of about 1100 boxes in French and in Creole,” Williams says. “That’s 390,000 pieces of literature.”

On July 13, containers of scripture booklets, Bible studies, and Christian literature left for Haiti. It should arrive in the country any day now.

“We’ve seen that so many times before when we’ve had material here that had no place to go and suddenly something came up and we were able to supply and keep the Word going. This is just how the Lord works.”

All of these booklets are based on Scripture. Williams calls them a “silent witness,” since they leave open the possibility for outreach even after the team leaves a meeting. They can also help jog people’s memories even months later, and according to testimonies of WMP literature recipients, that happens more than you’d think.

“We have literature partners around the world, and many of them tell us that literature is the key, having something to leave so that the Word is now in the home and can be used at any time.”

Literacy rates can sometimes cause problems, but that’s why WMP prints literature for both children and adults. Kids generally have had access to more education, so they can read booklets designed for younger readers to their parents.

Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press

The booklets also provide study material for churches, lessons for Sunday School, and teaching for new believers. They can help pastors, congregations, and communities move closer to Christ.

“We ask people to pray that the literature is received and used through the Spirit. We print it and it’s given out, but it’s the work of the Spirit and the openness of the heart [that does the real work],” Williams says.

“We’re not doing it just to plug literature. We want the Spirit to work and we want to see souls come to the Lord. We want to see lives mended and hope restored.”

Pray that every single book will reach someone’s heart, pray for the safety of the distributors working in Haiti, and pray for the effectiveness of each booklet.

“We don’t just print these just to print these or to say that we sent out 100 billion pieces of literature in a year or so. We want to see souls come to the Savior.”

Consider supporting WMP by sponsoring more booklets in Creole for upcoming shipments.

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