World Missionary Press sends literature to persecuted Nigerian Church

By February 4, 2021

Nigeria (MNN) – Despite Christianity being one of the major religions in the country, Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places to follow Christ.

According to Open Doors more Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country. Some estimates suggest there is roughly one new Christian martyr every four hours. Extremist groups such as Boko Haram and others have gained ground and attack the Church violently.

In the face of such persecution the Word of God brings comfort and strength. Helen Williams with World Missionary Press says the Gospel is also spreading. “There’s a hunger, and my contact Andrew, he says that, people are just reaching out for the material and crying for it, so to speak. And one of our other major distributors in Benin City – in the south as well – they’re a Bible training school. So they use [materials] in Bible studies, in English and in some of the other languages. And they are sending out these young pastors and evangelists.”

A Great Need for Materials

(Image courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Nigeria has been a sending country to other regions of Africa for years. Despite the persecution, the Church there continues to send Christian workers and literature to other countries as well as to it’s own people. Earlier in 2020 one of their Nigerian contacts said that they used up 1000 boxes of literature in six weeks, bringing the Good News to other Nigerians.

With that kind of need World Missionary Press is doing everything they can to keep up with the demand. They are currently sending a new shipment over that contains about two million pieces of literature. That container should arrive and clear customs by mid-March.

However, they are already planning to start another container as soon as this one arrives. Nigerian contacts think the one arriving will be used quickly, so the goal is to send another one before the end of the year.

The Unstoppable Word of God

Material ends up all over the country and region. With such high levels of persecution, Scriptures and Gospel materials are often left behind if a family needs to flee. Yet even this can be a blessing.

Williams says, “We know from years of experience that God can use that written word in ways that we would never figure out. And so we just pray that they will remain faithful and God will be merciful, give them [persecuted believers] grace in the face of the enemy.”

(Image courtesy of World Missionary Press)

The Church in Nigeria is strong and willing to share the Word of God despite the persecution. However, they need the prayers and support of the global Church.

Help send more Gospel materials to Nigeria by partnering with World Missionary Press here. Please also pray that God would protect World Missionary Press partners as they distribute God’s Word.

Williams also asks for prayer for safe shipments. “So just pray that God will guide it through and give our agent there favor with the officials and that it will clear without difficulty and the Word can do out as quickly as possible.”

Header image courtesy of World Missionary Press