World Refugee Day highlights growing crisis

By June 20, 2024

Myanmar (MNN) — Did you know there are 37.6 million refugees worldwide? That’s two million more than last year, and the numbers continue to rise with global unrest.

Today is World Refugee Day, and Brian Dennett at AMG International shares how they’re ministering God’s love to refugees from Myanmar.

Since Myanmar’s coup three years ago, AMG has been working just over the border in Thailand attending to thousands of displaced Burmese.

People from the IDP community inside Myanmar. (Photo by Billy Weeks)

Dennett says, “There are hundreds of people by the week crossing the border, and it just continues to grow by day. Thailand has around a 1,500-mile border with Myanmar.

“Now with the government actually forcing people – even including young children – to join the army and fight against the resistance, it’s caused even more people to flee.”

Many Burmese kids show up in the refugee camps unaccompanied. “These are kids that are alone; they come, of course, very frightened having suffered a lot of trauma,” Dennett says.

“We have set up housing dormitories. We’re trying right now to build several more dormitories and a formal school, and just come around them and surround them with support and love.”

Yet, praise God for faithful Burmese Christians following Him even in refugee camps.

“It’s been such a joy to watch what’s coming out of that refugee situation,” says Dennett. “We have videos and photos of that community.

“They’re worshiping together, reading God’s Word, praising God together – really despite all that they’ve suffered.”

Mue is one of many children that has been given the opportunity to go to school at the Light Asean Hostel. (Photo, caption courtesy of AMG International)

You can learn more about AMG’s ministry to refugees here.

Pray for Christian refugees from Myanmar and around the world to be spiritually encouraged in the midst of persecution and hardship. Ask God to use the faithful example of these believers to lead others to Christ.






Header photo courtesy of AMG International.

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