World Vision India responds to monsoon crisis

By June 29, 2007

(MNN) — India's
monsoon rains are above normal this month. The heavy rainfall led to deadly flooding in southern India, leaving thousands homeless.

Six World Vision sponsorship communities were also affected
by the monsoon. Staff rushed to distribute relief supplies, including hot meals
for families and replacement school supplies for the students. 

The following is a
list of needs/damage assessment from World Vision on their project areas
affected by the flood.

In the Bijapur
community supported by World Vision donors in the United States,
some 215 homes collapsed in the villages of Ukumnal, Uthnal and Hegdiyal.
Affected families were moved into government and school buildings, which have
been designated as temporary relief shelters. Project staff members are
providing food to the displaced and planning to help them rebuild their homes.

The situation in
the village of Vambee in the Premadhara sponsorship
community is under control and monitored to ensure that additional
needs are met if they arise.

Both the Alleppeyy
and Kottyam sponsorship communities, supported by Canadian World Vision
donors, are doing well. Although they
were affected by heavy rains and flooding, no property damage or loss of life
has been reported. Staff is monitoring the situation closely, prepared to
respond if called upon.

In Andrahra Pradesh
state, in the community of Premamaya, six villages in the Tangatur area
were severely affected by heavy rains. Some 105 sponsored children's
homes in the villages of Karumanchi and Thurupu Naidupalem were inundated by
flashfloods caused by the storm.

Government officials say flooding has disrupted road, rail,
and air traffic and caused power and telecommunications failures across Andhra
Pradesh and Maharashtra. However, with the situation
improving, please pray for the World Vision staff as they act as the hands and
feet of Christ among those they serve.
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