World Vision teams share a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name in the Congo.

By March 10, 2005

Congo–Kinshasa (MNN)– World Vision took clean water last week to 25-thousand people displaced by fierce fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are plans in the works to rehabilitate five springs, and cap 15 new springs in the area. They will also provide survival kits to 3,900 families.

This is good news, considering aid had been suspended at the end of February for security reasons. The United Nations says the area remains tense and further disruption to aid activities can’t be ruled out.

Many of these people fled their homes in December when conflict erupted between area militias and the newly integrated army. The mass shift headed for nearby Kamandi. However, with a population of around 21,700 people, Kamandi has been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees and can’t provide resources to help.

Supported by various partners and donors, World Vision is currently running health and nutrition projects, HIV/AIDS projects, separated and abandoned children projects, water and sanitation, school construction and feeding projects.

A humanitarian group, WVI teams minister the love of Christ by sharing a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

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