WorldServe celebrates 35 years with Bibles

By March 25, 2011

International (MNN)– WorldServe Ministries is celebrating their 35th anniversary with a focus on God's Word. WorldServe's Ken Leggatt says the ministry started in Canada to translate Scripture into 100 different languages.

WorldServe is highlighting those roots. "In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we have a goal to distribute 1 million Bibles around the world. It's about a 20-month campaign that we'll be running, and we're looking at distributing Bibles to China, Ethiopia, India, Vietnam, Cuba and also Iran."

Leggatt says it'll be a 20 month campaign. He says $5 can send a Bible to one of these countries.

While Bibles have been translated for all of these nations, "their availability is low. There is a need for them so people can grow in their faith. There's even cases of people pastoring a church when they only read the Gospel of John," Leggatt adds.

Scripture is at the core of WorldServe is about, says Leggatt, but that's not all. "Also, supporting indigenous church planting efforts and different humanitarian efforts."

In North America, they're celebrating with the Truth Matters Campaign. "It's talking about the relevance of God's Word in our lives today and the authority that it has," says Leggatt.

Truth Matters will feature 10 stops to highlight the need for Bible reading. "Statistically less than 75% of Christians are reading the Bible daily or even weekly. We're not impoverished from having the physical message but reading it and apply it to their lives. We want to challenge our brothers and sisters in North America to go deeper," Leggatt says.

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