WorldServe Ministry in the midst of an ambitious Bible project

By January 13, 2011

International (MNN) — Given the latest economic reports, launching an
ambitious fund raising project would seem to be a daunting prospect.

Is raising the money for one million Bibles biting off too much to chew? WorldServe Ministries can counter that
question with this one: what price can you place on providing a copy of God's
Word in the hands of someone who wants one, but can't get it?

WorldServe Ministries is in the midst of their One Million Bible Challenge Campaign, which
continues until June 2012.

One of the most consistently-requested resources WorldServe Ministries'
partners ask for is the Bible. The
tremendous Church growth in China, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Cuba has led to
a shortage of Bibles for new believers and a need to provide Christian education
for them.

In many of these aforementioned countries, there's a history of communist
government and a suppression of the Word of God. The communist governments aggressively
suppressed Christians and peoples' access to Bibles.

Many of the people who are turning to Christ have never read from or
touched a Bible. They have little-to-no prior understanding of what
Christianity teaches.

WorldServe teams are identifying key areas in each of the countries in which they work and are finding the right places where Bibles will be distributed.

At last, we come to the meat of it. How much does it cost? $5.00 USD presents
an incredible opportunity to put Bibles into the hands of believers around the
world to help them learn in intimate detail about God and His plan. Click here for a link to help.

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